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 the song finds the band tapping into the unbridled passion of just making music together. With its playful mixture of folk, pop and Americana, the song captures what this group of musicians does best. Though the song is catchy as hell, it seems to be a statement against pursuing fame, completely with colorful percussion and intricate guitar work, with Kate’s vocals front and center throughout. We even get some spicy guitar interplay that adds a layer of intensity to the song before the soulful finale. 

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With a unique blend of rock sensibilities and folky textures, the sound of Run Katie Run condenses into a singular force of energy and power. Showing this off on “Stolen Time,” the band hits a sweet spot, crafting something that’s reminiscent of the classic, alternative-rock choruses of the ‘90s and the exciting Americana rock scene that’s begun to blossom over the past few years. 

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Listen to Run Katie Run for some thoughtful roots rock and electric guitar solos with warbling dynamo vocals and driving band energy.  

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"If you ever wondered what Janis Joplin would have sounded like doing country, the answer may be in [Kate Coleman]" 

- monoblogue music






What do these three words mean? As the music world will soon learn, a lot more than you might think.


They’re the name of a song — an urgent summons to a young girl, to run not from danger but toward adventure. They’re the name of a band — one of the few new bands in recent memory that can rock multiple genres, flaunt resonant harmonies, and showcase a dynamic lead vocalist whose passion and power demand attention.


But there’s another meaning. It’s the inner whisper heard or maybe felt by that vocalist, Kate Coleman, that beckoned toward a life where hard work promised independence, where the best way to express herself was by calling her own shots.


That song would surface on her first solo album, Past.  Already Kate had forged a unique style, inspired by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, and the trio known then as the Dixie Chicks. Each had walked that path that would follow, leading to that place where emotion, honesty, and freedom come together.


Her journey continues with Running On Love, featuring the latest music from Run Katie Run. It winds through the restless drive, complex emotions, and exhilarating key changes of “15 Minutes,” travels between the candor and yearning of “Kinda Hoping,” explores the bitter commentary of “No Way Out,” riding a current of tight rhythm, and summits at Kate’s climactic — and frankly stunning — high note in “Running On Love” builds toward an explosive ending. She lays down the law to an irresolute lover on “Stay Or Leave,” amidst blazing fills and solo breaks from her musicians. And “Stolen Time” confirms Run Katie Run’s ascension as one of today’s best harmony bands.


While Kate is quick to share credit with her bandmates, the fact is that Run Katie Run centers on her singing, writing, and presence. Its story, then, traces back to Buffalo, New York, her hometown. Her gifts first surfaced through dance. “It was my heart and soul,” she affirms. “I was sure I was going to be a dancer. Music was just a fun thing for me.”





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