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about R.K.R

Kate Coleman may be front and center in Run Katie Run, but the band’s new album, Cowboy Boots with Fishnet Tights deeply reflects the community surrounding her. Its 13 Americana/roots-rock tracks cover the good, the sad, the inspired, and the tired — and everything in between — about relationships of all kinds. As RKR recorded throughout 2022, the five friends who first met at an open mic night in Georgia arranged and produced the album together, and Kate says she could see their trust in each other — and their friendships — grow as the months went by.

In 2021, they released their first E.P., "RUNNING ON LOVE",- with reviews and previews running in Glide, American Songwriter, and Vents Magazines- and they were the featured band at Dollywood's Harvest Festival. Fast forward to 2023: the high-energy quintet is expanding their footprint by playing more festivals and concert series, touring up-and-down the East coast, opening for A1A and Ronnie McDowell, and they are delighting audiences wherever they go with their "comfortable, warm, and inviting" (vents magazine) presence.

“It’s not lost on me how grateful I have to be for this group,” Kate says. “You hear tragic stories about bands not working out because they can’t inter-personally get it together, and I am so unbelievably grateful for these guys. We are friends first and a band second, and I think that’s why it keeps staying good because that’s more important than anything.”


"...the song finds the band tapping into the unbridled passion of just making music together. With its playful mixture of folk, pop and Americana, the song captures what this group of musicians does best...the song is catchy as hell..."

"With a unique blend of rock sensibilities and folky textures, the sound of Run Katie Run condenses into a singular force of energy and power. Showing this off on “Stolen Time,” the band hits a sweet spot, crafting something that’s reminiscent of the classic, alternative-rock choruses of the ‘90s and the exciting Americana rock scene that’s begun to blossom over the past few years."

"Listen to Run Katie Run for some thoughtful roots rock and electric guitar solos with warbling dynamo vocals and driving band energy"

"This quintet of best friends makes music that is easy to listen to — comfortable, warm, and inviting."


folk rock at its finest,”




“Vivacious,” “Fetching,”

“...[a] quite beautiful, breathtaking breath of new musical fresh air.”

“A delight: equal parts [The] Chicks, nouveau punk, and indie rock.”






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