about R.K.R

 RUN KATIE RUN is a roots-rock band that's a combination of Kate's addiction to Dolly Parton, The Chicks, and Grace Potter with a healthy smattering of Corey's Eric Clapton inspired guitar solos, Adam's Shakey Graves influenced picking, Stephen's love for Vulfpeck-esque bass lines, and Ian's energized, Avett-Brothers-like drumming.

"We love music and we love making music."

"After you've been a musician for a while, you learn that the most important part of making music is to do it with people you love, respect, and who have the same motivations as you.  I love this band because we're friends first and a band second. We love getting together, we love making music, and we all want to keep getting better; as people and musicians. I think our songs and shows capture the adoration we have for music and for each other."

~Kate Coleman


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"...the song finds the band tapping into the unbridled passion of just making music together. With its playful mixture of folk, pop and Americana, the song captures what this group of musicians does best...the song is catchy as hell..."

"With a unique blend of rock sensibilities and folky textures, the sound of Run Katie Run condenses into a singular force of energy and power. Showing this off on “Stolen Time,” the band hits a sweet spot, crafting something that’s reminiscent of the classic, alternative-rock choruses of the ‘90s and the exciting Americana rock scene that’s begun to blossom over the past few years."

"Listen to Run Katie Run for some thoughtful roots rock and electric guitar solos with warbling dynamo vocals and driving band energy"

"This quintet of best friends makes music that is easy to listen to — comfortable, warm, and inviting."






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